How to Improve Search Ranking with Quality Contents

Today we are going to discuss about one of the important topic that every blogger should know. How to Improve Search Ranking with Quality Contents? I always says content is the king in blogging all the time and your content bust be unique and friendly with the readers. According to me I will give more importance to the second one, you must be friendly with your readers that mean your reader must understand what you are expressing with your post. We can come back to our topic. How good content improve your search ranking? If your content is unique then then search engine give more importance to your content. Here I am giving 5 best tips to increase your search ranking by good content and you don’t forget that your content must be unique and readers friendly.

Targeted Keywords

Perhaps one of the most critical factors in your websites ranking is how many times your page includes the keywords you are optimizing for. You need to be aware of exactly what phrases people use to find your website and include them regularly in your page content. By no means does this mean you should “keyword stuff” your page, but rather include your search terms in a natural manner that still maintains readability for the end user.


Write for Visitors not Spiders

Spamming your page with keywords will not only make your website unreadable by visitors, but can also harm your search engine ranking. Search engine spiders use complex algorithms to determine search rankings and can easily spot ‘spam’ pages, so make sure your page is readable by human visitors.


Add Unique Content

Adding fresh content is a great way to keep search spiders coming back regularly and a natural way to add more content for search spiders to crawl. The more content you create, the more opportunities you are providing to share your information, link to you, and increase the ranking for the optimized keywords on that page.


Avoid Duplication  

Duplicate content is an easy way to get your website banned from search results as it is considered a spamming technique by search engines! Don’t take the easy way out, create unique content for each page and you should see the ranking benefits you were hoping for.


Use Formatting Elements

Search spiders rely on page formatting elements to highlight headings and important keywords. Using headline tags, bold text and bullet points are a great way to ensure your keywords stand out. Again, only highlight when necessary, and make the text look natural to search engine spiders.

Follow these simple guidelines with your content writing and you should create a website not only popular with search engines. If you have anything to say about this article don’t forget to use the comment box for your valuable thoughts…
At last have a nice day…
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