How To Recover Hacked WordPress Blog

Today we are discussing how to recover a hacked wordpress blog. Hackers attack different parts of the WordPress blog including plugins, database, themes, core installation and others by infusing in the malicious codes into Javascript and PHP files to deliver the viruses, Trojans and harmful links. This way, your blog gets hacked. People with WordPress blogs make sure that they keep their blogs safe and secure, away from the hackers.

The following step by step guide can really help you a lot in getting your WordPress blog back. Also always remember to keep checking for the activities on your WordPress site.

Analyze and Re-install Your Plugins 

In order to recover the hacked WordPress blog, all you need to do is to just go through the plugins. Collect information about what plug-ins you are not using currently and uninstall them all for the time being. Now coming to all other activated plug-ins that you are using currently, deactivate and delete these plug-ins and then re-install and activate the active plug-ins.

Backup your blog

Your host provider will be making the regular backups of the blog that you have when you need their services to recover the blog. However, still it is a wise idea to have your own backup so that in case the web host company fails to get it recovered, you can do so from your end.

Re-install Your WordPress

Next important step involves Deleting all the files existing in the directory of WordPress except wp-config.php file and wp-content directory. After that you need to download latest version of wordpress and install a totally fresh copy of WordPress. Now edit the wp-config-sample.php file by substituting the sample values by picking the actual database values from the wp-config.php file that you haven’t deleted as stated above. Now you can delete the present file and replace it with your own file.

Install New Theme

You can also install a latest theme which is not there in the Manage Themes tab. The themes files are as prone to the threats and attacks as the plugins. So, temporarily using a theme will assure that you wipe the slate all clean and clear. In case you want to stick to the old blog theme, you should re-download that particular these from some trusted source only and move towards re-installing it properly.

Change Admin User/Password

Since you’ve been hacked you can assume that the hacker knows your password, so common sense dictates that you will have to change it.I recommend you to change your admin username to anything but the default username which is admin. A more detailed explanation on this merits another blog post.

If your blog has more than one admin, meaning got other users that have the same privileges like editing files, installing plugins etc then downgrade their privileges first so you can also change their passwords.

These are some of the simple and useful methods to recover your hacked wordpress blog.Tomorrow will have the next part of this article…Stay with us for new updates of blogging tips.Don’t forget to use comment box for your valuable thoughts…

At last have a nice day…

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