Three areas of a proud company that has resulted in years of success


Reputation is very important for any business but at Benny’s Office Furniture Melbourne, this seems to be paramount. Their reputation is built upon years of dedicated service in the furniture industry and as a client of theirs; I can see exactly why reputation is so crucial. When you’re attempting to retain customers and build a rapport with new clients it isn’t just the product that is important. Yes, Benny’s Office Furniture provides high quality office products but their friendly demeanour and warming level of service is a key ingredient in their long list of high-profiled clients. Read More


Why Online Study is the way of the Future

Online study courses allow you to choose a career path without investing too much of your time, allowing you to stay in the work place while getting your qualification. You can get your degree, diploma, or certificate in different whatever field you would like to excel in. There are heaps of IT jobs including: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Media, IT, Software Development, Graphic Design and Decoration.

Once you have your higher education qualification, this will put you in a better paying position and higher chances of promotion. The advantages of studying online courses through Acquire Learning are huge, is the hub of all online learning and make sure once you finish the course you get the salary you deserve. On their website there is a salary calculator which helps you decide which course will lead you on the pass you desire, it is fantastic, I myself was after an 80k yearly salary and found a number of web development course options available to be eligible to get into that income bracket. Read More


Top 5 Website Builders for 2014

Having in mind the huge potential the Internet offers for doing business today it’s no wonder the number of website building platforms has grown so dramatically over the last couple of years. There’s a plethora of this type of services to choose from if you want to build your own site, blog, or social network, add content and customize design, but know nothing about programming. But selecting the optimal website builder can sometimes be a tough task. Following is a list of five website builders that are worth your attention. Make sure to test-drive them all before you make a final decision. Of course WordPress has been left out of the list because it the number one website builder, below are the alternatives. Read More


How To Start a WordPress Blog: A Complete Guidance Part 1

Necessary Steps To Do Before Starting A WordPress Blog.

Would you like to know how to start a wordpress blog? If yes, then you have landed to the right place.

Some of my friends really want to start a wordpress blog but they don’t know how to start it properly or they didn’t get a complete guidance to start a wordpress blog. That’s why I started this section “How to start a wordpress blog a complete guidance”. Today I am giving you the steps you need to take before starting a wordpress blog or you are capable writing, handling a blog. Read More


How You Can Use Your iPhone For Effective Blogging

Every year brings us more and more opportunities to use our mobile phones for different needs. Their features become improved, widen, and much appropriate for blogging. 5 years ago your smartphone was not too “smart” for blogging actually, but today it becomes one of the most important gadgets, especially when it comes to micro blogging (Twitter for example). Moreover, we speak about various formats here: audio and video are often used in blogging, as well as texts and images.

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The way SEO has changed the outlook of modern business in digital way

The world of the web has been a major reason for various development activities around the world. This has been possible with just a click and an access to the internet. Online marketing seems to be the new trend which has gained momentum in recent times. With such events, the world has seen a vast change in business operations. This has created new opportunities for many. Advertising through social media has become a recommended mechanism which creates awareness amongst all. Keeping the business marketing into consideration, an online presence has become important. The implementation of digital marketing strategies comes in handy and has proved to be an effective means. With this it becomes a helpful way to surpass the competitors. Read More


Top Tricks To Make Your Blog Unique

We all are bloggers here, and we all want our blogs to be really good and successful. The problem is that it’s much more difficult to make a blog unique today, as there are millions of them on the Web today. Every person may start a blog, and he doesn’t need any special knowledge for this. Blogging is about sharing the information first of all, so you can (and may actually) write about everything you want, using a free hosting.

The ugly truth is that only a few blogs out of thousands become really popular among the audience: they are informative, stylish, bright, SEO-friendly, and easy to navigate. Every blogger has his own secrets of how to make his blog attractive, it may be a content or a really good promotion – the point is that you have to work hard and find a way to make people pay attention to your blog. In other words, just make it unique! Read More


Simple WordPress Style Social Subscription Widget For Blogger

Wordpress Style Social Subscription WidgetToday I have for you a Simple WordPress Style Social Subscription Widget For Blogger. I’m sure that this will tempt your readers to have a look at your fb page or twitter land mark. This is a WordPress Style Social Subscription Widget + Fan page widget. This widget will also embed Google authorship mark ups in your blog. Read More


How to Increase Your Blog Loading Speed?

Today we are discussing about how to increase your blog loading speed. It is one of the important concepts now a day. Google recently added Blog Load Speed as one of the important part in Ranking. if you want your site/blog to grow and appear in top pages in Google search, then you need to optimize your blog. Read More